Working for
the future

By reclaiming valuable resources, we lower
environmental impact.

Raw materials

In The Netherlands, an ambitious but necessary climate plan (klimaatplan) was drafted in the coalition agreement. By the year 2030, we should achieve a CO2 reduction of 55%, and by the year 2050 we should be climate neutral. At Mirec, we’re actively working towards a circular economy by using our expertise in the fields of electronics recycling and processing. On a yearly basis, we process about 80.000 tons of electronic devices and parts – from which we reclaim valuable resources. In this way, we jointly strive for Net Zero by 2050.

What can we do for you?

Mirec reclaims natural resources from electronic devices by recycling and processing WEEE. ‘WEEE’ stands for ‘Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment’; in other words: discarded electr(on)ic devices and equipment. By providing reports we offer insights into the processed materials and secondary resources, which contributes to the accountability of your sustainability goals.

Mirec fights exhaustion of natural resources by reclaiming them.

Reusing equipment has both economic and sustainable advantages.

The resources we reclaim are used for production fo new equipment.

Together we
reclaim what is valuable

Mirec is a subsidiary of the German TSR, part of the Remondis Group – a family company that has been active in over 34 countries for over 80 years. The Remondis Group primarily specializes in recycling, services and water management. Remondis focuses on protection of natural resources and fighting climate change by recycling and generating sustainable energy. With this we share a common mission: we’re working on a better future. Mirec does so by reclaiming valuable resources by responsibly and sustainably processing and recycling of electr(on)ic devices from our locations in The Netherlands and Belgium. 

The sectors in which we are active

High Tech Industry

High Tech industry

We’re based in the heart of The Netherlands’ high tech industries, Eindhoven, where intensively work together on circularity and CO2 reductions by utilizing our natural resources.

Producers EEE_OEM’s

Electronics manufacturers

We offer full WEEE processing, serial number registration, disposal options and reports for producers and OEMs – our goal: effectively reclaim natural resources. 

Supplychain Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions

We take care of collection of (surplus) stock and inventories, disposal on request of your clients, and where needed of registration of item count and serial numbers. 



We like to acquire IT-assets to determine their reusability. If the equipment is not entirely fit for reuse, its components and parts can typically be reused.

Collective collection systems

Mirec has extensive experience in processing WEEE for collective collection systems, through which producers and OEMs can fulfill their sustainable responsibilities.



Do you collect electronics, or process them yourself as waste management, electronics or metal recycling? We can take care of the entire processing journey on your behalf.

Company update

E-waste World Conference

Mirec took part in Europe's leading trade fair for battery manufacturers, recycling companies and raw material suppliers.

Electronics collection in De Hurk

A new initiative in which Mirec collects electronics, pallets and hard plastics free of charge from companies on the De Hurk business park.

Sintvoorieder1 Foundation

Mirec/HKS employees have collected toys and donated them to Sintvoorieder1, a foundation that is committed to giving Sinterklaas gifts to vulnerable children. 

Veilige verwerking WEEE door Mirec

Mirec werkt met geavanceerde installaties en technologieën voor de veilige verwerking van milieuschadelijke stoffen in WEEE, zodat bruikbare materialen hergebruikt kunnen worden.

Family festival Mirec

Mirec organizes the annual family festival together with HKS, where colleagues and their families enjoy a snack, a drink, a tour of the yard and fun activities.

De TweeDe rit

46 sports enthusiasts from HKS and Mirec participated in a joint bicycle ride, covering a route of 50KM / 100KM from the Tiel branch to Amersfoort and back.

Our certificates

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