Parts recovery

Our processing and disassembly methods result in resources and parts that are eligible for reuse. Our ‘spare parts management system’ provides an accurate insight into the reclaimed parts and their possibilities.

Carefree service

We alleviate responsibilities and worries of our clients by providing our extensive services, ranging from logistical solutions to registrations and reporting.


We’re a WEEELABEX / Cenelec certified electronics recycler and a reliable partner in reclaiming natural resources.


The safety of our team and our clients is at the core of our business. We’ve achieved certification regarding our processes to ensure safety.

Recovered parts

Oftentimes, parts can entirely be reused. Think memory (HDD, SSD, CPU and RAM components), electrical wire, GSM parts, power supplies, adapters, graphical cards/GPUs, motherboards, PCI, FRUs (Field Replacement Units), and CRUs (Customer Replacement Units).

What does this mean for your organization?

Parts recovery and clever management by Mirec exceed sustainability. With the expertise of our people and transparency towards our clients, we critically evaluate the possible reuse of equipment that has been destined to be scrap. This results in a net positive impact on the environment, but also significant benefits for your organization. Through our processes you will profit from cost effective reuse, and you will contribute to a circular economy.

Our certificates

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