Using our expertise we evaluate IT assets, we recover equipment for economic benefit and give said equipment a second life; think keyboards, laptops, headphones, Bluetooth speakers, network switches, servers, and much more.

Evaluating with expertise

At Mirec, we evaluate IT assets for resell opportunities before anything else. Materials are tested carefully to determine if said assets are eligible for a second life.

Carefree service

We alleviate responsibilities and worries of our clients by providing our extensive services, ranging from logistical solutions to registrations and reporting.


We’re a WEEELABEX / Cenelec certified electronics recycler and a reliable partner in reclaiming natural resources.


The safety of our team and our clients is at the core of our business. We’ve achieved certification regarding our processes to ensure safety.

Discover the economic advantages

Recovery and reutilization of IT assets is simply more cost effective compared to purchasing new assets. By renovating existing equipment, your organization can save costs on IT infrastructure. Refurbishment is an affordable and sustainable option for your asset management.

Sustainable remanufacturing of IT equipment

By carefully disassembling, cleaning and replacing old parts of equipment, we rebuild it to perform as well as new equipment. We carefully observe the strict regulations surrounding ITAD and data disposal in this process.

Our certificates

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