Working for
the future

Mirec reclaims valuable resources in a sustainable manner. We support companies in recycling and reusing electr(on)ic devices and parts. Mirec’s compliance to WEEE assures clients an environmentally conscious process and a reliable partnership. 

By reusing materials such as steel, aluminum, plastics and precious metals as resources, we reduce the dependence on new resources. This doesn’t just help in retaining the natural resources, but also reduces the de CO2 emission that comes with extracting new materials from nature. At Mirec, we actively work towards a sustainable future.

Veilig verwerken van elektronica

We started as a subsidiary to an electronics producer – by developing and implementing systems to reclaim natural resources from electronics and other products and materials that contain precious metals. All this is engrained in Mirec’s DNA. Since then, we’ve become a leading electronics recycler with many years of experience and expertise.

We collect, reuse, and process electronic devices. We do this in a certified, sustainable and safe manner. 

Because of this, we prevent harmful chemicals and materials from ending up in nature. The safety of data, processes, and organization is a core value. 

Carefree service

We alleviate responsibilities and worries of our clients by providing our extensive services, ranging from logistical solutions to registrations and reporting.


We’re a WEEELABEX / Cenelec certified electronics recycler and a reliable partner in reclaiming natural resources.


The safety of our team and our clients is at the core of our business. We’ve achieved certification regarding our processes to ensure safety.

Collaborating towards Net Zero in 2050

Het behoud van waardevolle grondstoffen

Sustainability, to us, means the prevention of waste of natural resources. We stimulate reuse by giving products, parts and components a second chance. The data we process is carefully, and according to certification, deleted – so products can safely be reused. When reuse isn’t an option, our refined recycling processes can extract a significant amount of valuable resources such as precious metals and plastic materials, so the resources can be utilized for new uses. All this is realized by our innovative mechanical sorting and separation processes.

Our certificates

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